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I specialize in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, therapeutic exercise, occupational physiotherapy and dance specific physiotherapy. I have an active approach to physiotherapy. It is based on assessment, clinical decision, a client's increasing body awareness, a progressive therapeutic exercise program and reassessment. I emphasize the client’s own ability to change and improve. The treatment program is done in cooperation with my client. It addresses the person as a whole, instead of offering instant fix solutions.

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Recovering musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Assessment and treatment of injuries and conditions which affect the muscles, joints, and soft tissues. It can include ankle, knee, hip, back, neck, shoulder or forearm pain. Therapeutic exercise starts with pain-specific exercises and gradually progresses to functional exercise. The focus is not only on pain management but also on prevention of pain recurrence, which is based on client's better understanding of the causes of pain and ability to use the learned skills when moving in everyday life.

Preventative physiotherapy
  • postural assessment and moving assessment
  • assessment of strength and range of motion
  • gym exercise program's planning and instructing to ensure safe training

Standing, moving and sitting correctly reduces the strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Many injuries and surgeries can be prevented by better alignment and exercise.

Occupational health physiotherapy

Assessment and treatment of work related strain, prevention of work related injuries, check-ups, instruction and education to improve your ergonomics at work.

Dance specific physiotherapy

Assessment and treatment of dance training related strains, pain symptoms and injuries. Education of dance students and teachers on dance anatomy and biomechanics.


Kinesiotape may be used to: increase blood flow and alleviate pain, to help to relax or activate muscles, to support joints' alignment.

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Min Hinta Service
15 35 € counseling and self-care advice
45 102€ appointment / video appointment
60 137€ appointment / video appointment


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