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& Performances

Little Inspirations

We wish to “wake up” a choreographer in every dance student. Check here for next year’s show’s information as soon as it is available.

The Spring Show

Come experience our spectacular annual performance showcasing our little, young and adult dance talents in a wide variety of dance styles! See this year’s show’s information here as soon as it becomes available.

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Our special classes

Wrestling Dance class

In this wild athletic dance class daddies can spend some quality time with their kids. There will be a lot of fun, sweat and emotions in the air.

My mom & me

All the mom’s will be invited to dance and enjoy with her child to dance class. We want to celebrate Mother's day in a special way.

Friend & me

During the Valentine’s Day week the student has an opportunity to invite a friend to the dance class and have fun together.

Culture tours

Dance Up Academy also arrange fantastic cultural tours. We want to offer to our students and their guardians a spectacular experience that fills all the senses and gives unforgettable memories with a professional guide.

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Dance competitions

We give opportunities to all our students to experience the feeling /art of performing while appreciating and learning from other dancers and schools.

Dance Up Academy has collected numerous awards from national and international competitions and festivals, while the goal is always to be ourselves and enjoy dance.

To keep up with our recent competitions, follow us on Facebook.