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Choreography & Private Instruction

Commission a choreography

Dance Up Academy teachers offer choreographies for solo, duo and small groups. Dance teachers have years of experience and have won national and international awards for their work in competitions. Nina has also worked as a judge at Finnish competitions since 2009.

Fees for Dance Up Academy students

150€ choreographing a dance
45€ / 60 min / solo rehearsal
35€ / 60 min / duo rehearsal / dancer
25€ / 60 min / group rehearsal 3-5 dancers / dancer

Dance studio's rent is not included in the rehearsal's fee.

If not a student of DanceUp Academy, get in touch and we will make you an offer.

Get in touch at so we can plan a suitable choreography and rehearsal schedule for you.

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Receive private instruction

Dance Up Academy teachers Julia Van Camp and Nina Heino offer private instruction, conditioning and coaching towards a goal such a solo performance.

Get in touch and we will create a suitable training schedule together with you.