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After-School Club


After-School Club

The After-School Club for Little Dancers combines after-school care with a dance and theater hobby. It offers a children opportunities to use their energy, experience success, creativity and joy together with friends. Moreover, it allows parents to spend time at home in the evening with children instead of traveling to hobbies.

The school offers a homey environment after school. Children work together with both an after-school carer and a dance/theater teacher. The child enjoys a healthy afternoon snack and is offered guided play outdoors in a safe environment. The After-School Club for Little Dancers always puts the child first!

The Day's Schedule

This is an example schedule for the after-school club. The schedule is planned every year according to the group size.

Group 1

12.00 Escort students from school & play outside
13.30 Healthy snack
14.00 Dance/theater class
15.00 Homework & creative activities
16.15 Play outside
17.00 After-school club closes

Group 2

13.00 Escort students from school & play outside
14.00 Healthy snack, homework & creative activities
15.00 Dance/theater class
16.15 Play outside
17.00 After-school club closes


From 15.00 Individual children leave in 30min intervals (agreed separately)
16.00-16.15 Pickup from the After-School Club's inner courtyard
16.15-17.00 Pickup fro Aleksanteri park

Guardians can pickup children as needed when agreed in advance with the After-School Club staff

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The fee includes both the After-School Club and the cost of the dance and theater classes.

1-2 graders

After-school care fee

Hours / day Price / month Older sibling / month
1-3 70 € 60 €
3-4,5 120 € 110 €
4,5-6 140 € 120 €

The fee also includes escorting the child from Fista or Wivi Lönn school, a healthy and nutritious afternoon snack, guided outdoor play and trips, thematic parties through the year, as well as accident insurance. The morning and afternoon customer fees are the same for all clubs cooperating with the City of Tampere for 1-2 grade members.

Dance & theater teaching fees

375 € / semester

Dance and theater lessons include a 45-60 min lesson every. These include open hours for parents and friends, joint parent-child dance lessons, a "Little Inspirations" performance and another spring performance for the entire dance school.


After-school care fee

1-3h / day 115 € / month

3-graders after-school care is not included in the Tampere city services.

Dance teaching fee

3-graders can choose dance classes with their own age group. There is a -15% discount for the semester fee.

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Registration for the next academic year

The official application for the city of Tampere will take place via Wilma in January.

In addition, register through our own form and you will confirm your place with us. We accept those applicants who do both the official city application and our school application in full first to the After-School Club.


Ending participation

Please inform the After-School Club when you are going to end participation at least a month before the date by email Toivomme, että ilmoitatte Iltapäivätoiminnan lopettamisesta vähintään kuukausi ennen sähköpostilla A form of your intent to change must be filled out via the The City of Tampere website as well. The After-School Club fee ends at the end of the month.

With a doctor's certificate, we will approve reclamation of the dance and theater fee. Reclamation is also possible if moving out of the Tampere region. In other cases, we do not return the semester fee for dance and theater classes.

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